What Satisfied Yogis & Spa Clients Say

At the core of Gachekes work is her passion to help people live more healthier lives using the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. These sentiments from her clientele are a testimony of the impact of her work. 

I learned yoga and how to maintain nice body shape, How to eat healthy and to cook yummy food using natural spicies ( Thailand method of cooking, Indian methods.....). How to do makeup ....and how to apply make according to your skin colour. I can't forget massage that one I apply even to my baby....when he has played a lot........I can write and write....Anyway am ever happy for meeting you
Happy Yogi
Before I knew yoga I was this one person who had anger issues,I didn't know how to control my emotions and to let go of people who kept hurting me .But since I met Dr Gacheke and her yoga team I can confess it's the happiest thing that happened to me .I have learnt to watch my diet,how to handle my emotions to let go and finding happiness in everything I do.
Selita Martin
Happy Yogi
I used to have backache, coccyx pain hence could not sit for long. I also had migraine headaches. Mentally, I was judgemental, insecure in marriage, my relationship with my father was not good. After Vipassana yoga, my back pains resolved, no more migraines, am a happy soul..my great passion is meditation. Am no longer worried about anything, I have no fears in this life, am so contented. Thanks to my mentor. Namaste🙏
Happy Yogi
One of my favourite massaged is Helena; she is just so beautiful; invigorating , energetic and with a touch of the Sagana Stones. Mugaspa is a little heaven on earth. That I can say without any fear of contradiction. Thanks to Gacheke for the concept. Long live Mugaspa. 🙏👍
Sir Ngari
Muga Spa (Mens Spa Group)
Life is so hard now, my business is in trouble - I am so worried about salaries for my workers this month; economy is bad, but I must also not have planned well. But, rain or shine, I have decided to love myself - I will not miss my spa day.
Sir Mwaniki
Muga Spa (Men's Spa Group)
Aromaveda is soothing and refreshing, youthful energy seems to creep back after the session. I'm waiting to compare the therapies after experiencing the full range.
Dr Kabgi
Muga Spa (Men's Spa Group)

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