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Gacheke Massage Spa and Yoga Studio
$50 (1 hour)

The all-time Indian Traditional
Snehan (massage) – Sweden (steam)
two-step therapy.

$70.00 (1 hr 30 Minutes)

A blend of India’s Traditional
Abhyanga massage with European aromatherapy, reflexology, and deeper work into the pranic (energy) body, followed by steam

Sagana Stone Song Gacheke Spa
$10.00 (2 hours 15 min)

Gacheke’s signature massage; a
comprehensive Ayupranic body and mental-emotional healing song using warm stones on the chakras, strategic pranic channels, and acupressure points

$80.00 (1 hr 45 minutes)

A full body derivative of the
Sagana Stone Song massage that
approaches the healing more from the back of the body including more depth and time on the back and its large muscles.